Thursday, 7 February 2013

Out of Season Works in Progress. . .

I've given up on the winter WIPs - let's face it, if my two unfinished cardigans haven't been touched in months, they aren't going to be completed in time to be of current use.  So I've turned instead to two upcoming seasonal projects.  I've dug out my Flaming June and miraculously managed to find my place in the pattern and continue on.  I've just finished the left front and am working on the last bit of the back and then I need to do the right front and the sleeves.  This will be a really nice summer cardigan and I just love knitting with hemp. There are a few tricky bits to go, so I'm proceeding cautiously.

And then I recently found this skein of Louisa Harding laceweight in the shade called Marmalade.  It certainly reminds me of autumn colours and so I've started this simple zig zag striped scarf with some Madeleine Tosh from my stash.  It's a very soft, airy scarf that I think will block well and I love the edging formed by the diagonal pull of the decreases. This is a good mindless knitting project that tucks into my purse very easily.   I may turn this into a cowl; I'll have to see how long it is when I run out of wool.

At any rate, I'm optimistic that both projects can be finished in time for their proper use.  I'll return to the winter cardigans and jumpers maybe in July.

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