Wednesday, 6 June 2018

The BIG Stashbusting Project. . .

Six years of going to yarn festivals in the UK has resulted in quite a large stash.  Too large.  So large it's now really bothering me every time I pass by the tower of plastic bins in my spare room, or trip over another jute bag filled with overflowing skeins. It especially bothers me when I know I have a specific skein stored somewhere. . .  and I have to search through piles of yarn to find it. 

Time to get serious.

I have picked up a project I started months ago and am crocheting a rug for the living room. I started with some balls of rough wool that I picked up for 50p each at Woolfest a couple of years ago. I had intended them for weaving as they are far too coarse to wear against the skin, and these are proving perfect for this rug.  I then pulled out lots of skeins bought during various sales and now languishing because I don't really want to knit anything with them. Some of these yarns are akin to roving and I know they will pill if I knit them as is, but paired with a strand of the rustic yarn, they are crocheting up into a study fabric with just a touch of softness. Perfect!

I am not attempting anything fancy; I am just doing rows of double crochet. If I run out of a colour mid-row, I'm just adding another one.  As this thing got bigger, I've been spacing out the more colourful rows between neutral brown/grey/cream ones.  It is crocheting up fast - each row is at least an inch high and I can usually get two or three rows done each night while watching telly.  I'm aiming for a 7 x 8 foot rug and I'm about halfway there.  It also feels great underfoot. 

Best of all, I reckon there's about thirty balls/skeins of stash in just what I've done so far.  So liberating!


Alison Fergusson said...

What a fantastic looking rug and so crafty to use up lots of stash in the process.

Love reading of ALL your exploits.... and thank you for introducing me to the inspiring Kate Davies - as a Scot now living in Australia memories of the Hebrides and Scottish yarns gladden my day .

best wishes Ali

Blithe Spirit said...

Thanks so much Ali - Kate Davies is an inspiration to us all and yes, I can't think of a more beautiful place than Scotland - it keeps drawing me back. Would love to visit Australia one day.