Monday, 25 February 2013

A Three Seasons Walk. . .

The Liverpud and I have joined a local walking group and yesterday was our first outing travelling by coach for a day's walk in the Lake District.  We were dropped off in Ambleside and made our way to Grasmere - the hard way of course, over the hills.  It was a brilliant walk and I couldn't help feeling by the end of it that I'd passed through multiple seasons - spring, winter and fall.

We started out with the sun shining, the grass quite green and we soon passed a bright rainbow-marked flock of sheep which certainly put a smile on my face.

A little further on, we passed Rydal Mount, the former home of William Wordsworth.  No daffodils in sight however.

There were waterfalls.

And don't you just love those textured nubbly hills?

I was thinking I'd put on far too many layers and really needed my sunglasses, but the weather can change very quickly in the hills, especially the higher you climb, and we certainly could see snow on the  mountain tops.

Soon, we were actually walking on the white stuff but it did give us the opportunity to try out our new YakTrax.

Our leader cut the walk a bit short because not everyone in the group had the ice grips and it would have been a bit treacherous going any further.  I didn't mind at all; the wind was extremely fierce up there.

Once below the snow line the afternoon sun was shining and the landscape changed again reminding me very much of rich autumn colours.

The walk ended with half a pint of shandy and a quick trip to the Herdy Shop in Grasmere where I bought this cute little sheepybank.  I have to start saving for Woolfest in June!

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