Monday, 11 February 2013


Ever have one of those moments when you cast off and proudly smooth your bit of knitting out, only to see a major mistake?

This is how my cables should look and were looking at the beginning:

Before they turned into this:

How did I miss it? Oh, I really am kicking myself.  Obviously I need to pay more attention to mindless TV knitting. This project was the bottom bit of a caplet but I am going to have to rip back and start again. It's chunky wool so it shouldn't take long, but I'm really annoyed at myself.  This is the third project I've started this year that has turned into a problem (my lace shawl has run out of wool with about ten rows to go and I've fallen out of love with the colours in my variegated scarf). Phooey - maybe I need a break from the needles.  Or to finally finish something successfully!

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