Monday, 23 May 2016

Sew Relaxing. . .

With the Great British Sewing Bee back on the telly,  I've been motivated to get out my fabric stash and do some hand sewing.  A few years ago, I bought two charm packs of Liberty fabrics.  The deep floral prints are reminding me of all the colours in my back yard at the moment.

I'm just sewing up simple nine block squares, using some Moda solid colours in the middle of each.  I like the pop of colour and it makes a very traditional patchwork look a little more modern.  I don't have enough for a full quilt, so it will become a large, comfy cushion cover. 

I'm a very casual quilter.  My seams aren't always going to meet at the corners. I don't always press the seams open before sewing edges.  My quilting isn't terribly even.

But it doesn't matter because I find the whole process enormously relaxing and fulfilling.  I started quilting this at the end of last week, now I just need to find some backing material, a long zipper and a large cushion insert.

When it's finished, it will be really nice to have a little bit of the garden inside as well. 

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