Monday, 16 May 2016

Flower Power. . .

The weekend was very productive, all about getting lots of mundane tasks done around the house. But there was also time to really embrace spring and enjoy all its colourful vibrancy.

As a reward for a morning of housework, the Liverpud and I went for a walk Saturday afternoon to our favourite park, Calderstones.  We had some lemon sorbet from the ice cream parlour and then went to the Japanese Gardens.  I have wandered through it many times, but never at this time of year and I was pleasantly shocked to see how gloriously red and pink it was.

Just stunning!

My own modest little container garden is also blooming.  I love the delicate shades of deep raspberry and peach on these beautiful flowers.  This was the first weekend we really spent sitting out on the patio and enjoying our garden.  

Sunday we were off to the garden center to add to our little family of flowers, and it was really hard to choose from among so many gorgeous blooms.  I absolutely fell in love with these deep purple - almost black -  petunias in the top photo of this collage.  I bought three small pots with blooms still to come.  Can't wait to see them in all their gothic glory soon.

And I purchased a pot of intense blue grasses, just because I love the texture.  My green grasses survived the winter and so they needed a friend.   I now want yarn in both of these colours.

It's such a technicolour time of the year. How can your spirits not be raised by all the loveliness?

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