Monday, 6 April 2015

A Muted But Pretty Spring Walk . .

Easter Sunday started out quite grey but I was itching to get out for a walk, so I grabbed my camera, determined to find some spring colour, and did one of my favourite walks into town via Wavertree, Greenbank and Sefton parks, down Lark Lane, through the Festival Gardens and onto the Otterspool path along the Mersey following it right to the Albert Docks. 

The sun may not have been out, but the flowers were, and the city was so quiet. It was very meditative; I do all my best thinking while walking. 

The blossoms and spring leaves were out too; just very pretty pale colours against the blank canvas of the sky.

When I got down to the Mersey, the tide was very far out and the water just merged with the sky. You couldn't see Wales at all.   So peaceful. . .

When I got to the Albert Docks, the water was so still, the reflections were fabulous.

I'm still seeing cables everywhere. . .

But I really do love the mirror imaging - it looks just like a smudged painting. 

Especially if you turn it upside down.

Tate Liverpool is right at the Albert Docks and I always like to pop into their gift shop and take a look at their latest art books.  They also carry magazines, and I was delighted to find the latest copy of Uppercase, a really cool, interesting, gorgeous Canadian magazine devoted to design.  The focus of Issue #24 was appropriately enough all about weaving, quilting and textiles!  The perfect end to my walk and entirely in theme with my weekend's projects of which more anon. 

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