Saturday, 4 April 2015

Rowan Crochet-A-Long. . .

All my current knitting projects are proving either too big to lug around in my bag, or too complicated to focus on during tea breaks, so I've welcomed the new Rowan crochet-a-long which started last week.  Designed by Lisa Richardson,  there will be seven mystery motifs and crocheters can choose between a baby blanket, cushion cover, shawl or scarf, depending on the number of each that they make.  I'm leaning towards the cushion cover or scarf myself, but what I'm really hoping is to improve my crochet skills beyond the granny square, as this project is suitable for beginners with each week teaching something new.  Perfect!

Here are my week one hexigons.  I'm just using some stash 4ply and two colours for now as my variegated Jillybeans yarn brings in enough hue variety. 

I'd love to be able to get good enough to do a crocheted garment, specifically one out of Marie Wallin's new Filigree book which combines knitting and crochet in some stunning ways.  I'm in love with Anemone:

And Buttercup:

But I'd love to create all of the pieces in the book.

Or also participate in this wonderful CAL which kicks off on April 7th. The finished project is the Lily Pond Blanket, designed by crochet guru Jane Crowfoot.  How beautiful is this?

One day, one day. . .

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