Friday, 17 April 2015

Merrily A-longs. . .

Lots of KAL/CAL activity on the go these days.  The Rowan crochet-a-long designed by Lisa Richardson is proving to be lots of fun and I'm really gaining crochet confidence as I learn a new stitch with each hexigon.  Here is Hexi #2 which had the tr2tog stitch that took me ages to get my head around but I finally cracked it.

And I've just finished Hexi #3 with its long triple trebles on the second round, and crossed trebles in the fourth round.

I'm just using stash 4ply but hoping that all the colours will eventually go together. I'll be making either the cushion or the scarf.

I went stash diving to see if I had enough colours to complete the Lily Pond Blanket CAL designed by Jane Crowfoot but I really don't have the right tones of greens and blues.  Still, I'm going to download each section and do a swatch for any stitch that is new to me.  Maybe they will all go together to form a cushion, we'll see.  It'll be good practice at any rate.  This is the wave stitch and it looks as if I've also inadvertently learned how to decrease stitches as well.  Bit of an oblong mess, but it was fun to do. 

Back to knitting and I've joined the Hap-a-long hosted by Knit British.  I've chosen to knit the Hap Cardigan by Emily K. Williams but inspired by the many, many gorgeous projects in the Knit British ravelry group, I may have to cast on a proper hap shawl as well. 

I'm using Blacker alpaca 4ply for the main colour.  You knit the back and sleeve caps first and then start on the striped fan pattern.  I have no idea of which colours I'll be doing but I have lots of my mini-skeins to pick from. I'm leaning towards a blue palette. 

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