Sunday, 17 June 2012

Future Telly. . .

One of the things I'm most looking forward to in my new life in England is the BBC.  And NOT having to wait weeks, months, sometimes years before BBC shows finally make it across the pond.  Very excited to hear about several upcoming productions.

As we approach the centenary of WWI, there are going to be lots of literary adaptations or series set during those years and I'll be tuning into all of them. I'm thrilled that in the works is a dramatization of the life of Vera Brittain. She'll be played by Saoirse Ronan which I think is a great choice. And  Tom Stoppard is already adapting Ford Maddox Ford's Parade's End which I also can't wait for.  And at the end of this article about the Brittain project, there's a mention of an upcoming film about Noel Coward and his 1950s Las Vegas cabaret tour ( I have the album - it's terrific).  And who is playing Coward?  None other than Colin Firth!  Who can totally pull this off - Where the Truth Lies wasn't a great film, but his performance as a showbiz performer was completely convincing.

Thanks to the ever informative Great War Fiction for the link.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Maylin
I wish you every success in your new life and we will certainly miss you here.
I have spoken to you a few times over the years at OLA and have always enjoyed our chats.
I will try and keep up with you on this blog. I love the knitting references, too!
Sandy Henshall