Monday, 25 June 2012

Departures and Arrivals. . .

So I left Canada on the last day of spring (and in the middle of a sticky heatwave), and arrived in the U.K. on the first day of summer and welcoming me home was this lovely card knitted by my Liverpud's mother.

I also arrived to lots and lots of rain. Up in the north, they got as much rain on Friday as normally falls in the entire month of June. It was raining torrents as we drove up to Cumbria for Woolfest.  But nothing stops determined knitters.  There were several breeds of sheep.

And some of my favourite designers.

And of course lots and lots of wool!  I bought mostly all British  - some lovely alpaca/wool mixtures, a sweater's worth of Aran in a deep chocolate brown, two skeins of a gorgeous variegated Bluefaced Leicseter/Gotland mix from Jillybean Yarns in a colourway called Mountain View (all greens/greys/purples), and some Habu wool/stainless steel.  And yes, I did go way over my budget but my stash is on a ship somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean and what's a girl with no willpower to do?

In particular I love this Gloucester Tweed from Fyberspates.

I also couldn't resist buying these enormous 25mm needles. I think some big throw pillows are in my future.

It was still raining when we headed home, but we stopped at what must be the most amazing service station in the world - certainly the best I've ever pulled into. The Westmorland Tebay has lovely toilets, great lattes, a full cafeteria with decent food, and a shopping area with a good selection of books, children's toys, bags (nearly succumbed but held off), and best of all lots of gourmet goodies and a butcher's.  We picked up some local lamb shanks for the slow cooker. Just amazing.

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