Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Keep Calm and Cast On. . .

"Knitting is the saving of life."
                 - Virginia Woolf

I found the above quote in Keep Calm and Cast On: Good Advice for Knitters, a cute little book that I picked up in Waterstones on my holiday.  It's compiled by acclaimed knit designer Erika Knight and is filled with lots of quotes from other designers and knit enthusiasts, bits of research on the health and stress reduction benefits of knitting and lots of useful tips, such as putting fluffy wool such as mohair into the fridge before knitting to make it easier to work with.  Who knew?

I'm intrigued to do some research on Woolf and her knitting.  These are the days (and there aren't many of them) when I miss being a grad student with library access to all sorts of online research databases.

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