Thursday, 12 January 2012

Crowing for the Rooster!. . .

Hooray, it's back!  I'm talking about the Tournament of Books in which a list of sixteen novels from 2011 go head to head in several rounds until a winner is chosen and awarded the prestigious Rooster. What makes this exercise so much fun is the commentary by the judges on why they selected one book over another, which is then taken apart and analyzed by the "booth announcers" Kevin Guilfoile and John Warner.  There's also a Zombie round where a book that's been booted out is resurrected based on readers' votes. It's all very entertaining.  And they have a terrific shortlist this year which includes five books I've read in full or partially (I'll admit I'm stalled in the middle of Murakami's 1Q84),  and several more that are definitely on my radar.  The shortlist and judges were announced today; the tussle starts in March.  All info is located here and you can vote for your favourite as well.

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