Monday, 22 August 2011

Jack Layton - You Will Be Missed!

I was so saddened to learn the news of Jack Layton's death this morning from cancer. I have been a huge fan of this politician from way back in my university days when he was a Toronto city councillor and I was a campus journalist. He always returned phone calls, gave great interviews, and was as passionate about making the city a better place as he was about improving the country in his later federal role. I was so thrilled when he became the official Leader of the Opposition earlier this year, and was looking forward to some intelligent and hard-hitting debate with Stephen Harper in Parliament this fall. He was a politician who put his money where his mouth was - a committed advocate for environmental issues, cycling, combatting poverty, improving social housing - Canada has truly lost a politician who could have made a real difference. Hopefully other MPs have been inspired by him and will continue his legacy. Layton seemed invincible and was such a fighter that I think everyone felt he'd beat the cancer hands down. My thoughts go out to his family and friends - such a sad day for the country.

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