Saturday, 13 August 2011

Cabin Fever. . .

Whenever I start a new knitting project, I make a point of always attempting a new technique. Having some scrap yarn lying around from previous projects, I decided to try turning and picking up stitches, and so knitted this log cabin square. It was so much fun! I immediately envisioned snuggling under a huge wool blanket in front of a roaring fire (a completely crazy thought since it's the height of a hot and muggy summer and anyways, I don't have a fireplace). Nevertheless, impulse is my middle name, so it was off to the wool store with my credit card.

Now, I'm not a masocist. The square above was knitted with 4.5mm needles and measures about 9.5 inches square. It would take forever to knit a blanket. So I decided to double up the wool, which gives it the extra warmth I know I'll want in the dead of winter, and knitted a few swatches with different size needles, finally settling on using the 7.5mm. I stayed up far too late finishing my first square which measures about 15 inches square.

But I'm pretty pleased with the results. I decided to use seed stitch for the middle to make the red pop out and give it a bit of extra texture. If I complete a couple of squares a week, I might even be able to finish this before the first snowfall.

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