Monday, 1 August 2011

The Art of the Novella Reading Challenge. . .

Just back from a few weeks travelling and hiking around the U.K., visiting lots of art museums, treading literary paths, and of course buying books (more on that to come!). I'm so glad that today is a civic holiday, allowing me to unpack, unwind, and have a relaxing day at home. Not yet adjusted to the time difference, I've been up bright and early and catching up on some favourite blogs. I was reminded that today begins the Art of Novella Reading Challenge, started by Frances at Nonsuch Books - she's going to try and read all 42 in Melville House's colourful series in the month of August AND blog about each one. Melville has joined in the spirit and created these various different levels of participation:

– Read 1 novella

Fascinated — Read 3 novellas
Captivated – Read 6 novellas
Passionate — Read 9 novellas
Mesmerized – Read 15 novellas
Obsessed – Read 21 novellas
Fanatical – Read 27 novellas
Unstoppable — Read 33 novellas
Bibliomaniac — Read all 42 novellas

I'm rooting for her! And a novella is perhaps just the perfect thing to tackle on this holiday Monday. I'd love to try and attempt the Bibliomaniac level myself, but I know there's a ton of work waiting on my desk tomorrow. Still, they are the perfect commuting reads so I'm also going to see how many I can read this month. Having just spent the last week in Cornwall, I'm up for a sea adventure, so I'm starting with Joseph Conrad's Freya of the Seven Isles, first published in 1912.

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Paul said...

Hello Julia,

We selected you for the first free book of the Art of The Novella reading challenge.

To avoid spam, we're asking you send us an email via the contact at:

And we'll mail you a free novella. In this case Anton Chekhov's The Duel, as part of The Duel x5. Congratulations and thanks for participating.