Wednesday, 2 November 2016

A Fibre Artist on a Big Scale. . .

If you are in Toronto over the next few weeks, it's definitely worth a visit to the Textile Museum of Canada, tucked away on a side street behind City Hall.  They are hosting an exhibition of fibre artist Sheila Hicks' work and it was quite incredible to see.  Here are just some of her creations - weaving, twisting and assembling fibre (mostly linen and wool), on quite a large scale to produce some eye-catching results.

And her work isn't just about vibrant colour. Here she shows just how textured fibre can be, even in its neutral, undyed state. The wraps form interesting textured shadows.

I love how she's blends her colours together.  It really is painting with fibre.

These two in particular were stunning!

She also has a playful side.  You can certainly make art out of a large stash!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post. I don't get to the Textile Museum often enough, although it's four blocks from the office I have to visit when in Toronto. Will try to catch this exhibit.
- Beth in Ontario

Blithe Spirit said...

We often don't play at being a tourist in our own cities - I lived in Toronto for over 30 years and had never been to the Museum of Textile. It's well worth a visit though. Thanks for stopping by the blog.