Wednesday, 16 November 2016

A Reddish Hue in Wales. . .

Last Sunday it was rather grey and drab for our walk in North Wales.  But that just allowed all the various shades of rusty red that were so prominent in the landscape to dominate.  The colour palette of the day was clearly foreshadowed as we were walking up a country road and passed this chicken up a tree. (Who knew chickens perched in trees?)

Our coach dropped us off several miles down the road from Conwy, in Llanfairfechan.  We then walked back through the hills incorporating bits of the North Wales and Wales Coastal paths.  All around us were reddish brown patches, mostly of dead vegetation, but still beautiful to look at.  I love these circular tufts of gorse too.

I love it when you can't tell where the sea and sky meet.

This is all heather, well past its prime.  Can you imagine how gloriously purple it would have looked at the end of the summer?  Two years ago, our group came here in September - take a look at the difference.   I love seeing how an area changes with the seasons, the light, and the weather. Walking outdoors in the countryside never gets boring.

The tide was out as we approached the coast - I love the patterns made on the sand banks.

Here you can see Llandudno and the Great Orme.

We ended our walk on the top of Conwy Mountain and then started heading down towards the town with its beautiful castle.

And one last look back at the mountain from the city walls, which you can walk along, although it is quite steep in places.  Time for a coffee and a quick look around the town (there's an excellent ice cream parlour!)


Beth Theis said...

Thanks, as always, for these gorgeous photos. Thank you, too, for your recent post about Sheila Hicks at the textile museum. I was in Toronto last week and took it in, even bought the expensive book as inspiration. (This week my gallery-going was Mystical Landscapes at the AGO, which you also might like, give your engagement with those lovely UK landscapes you've been exploring.). Enjoying your blog.

Blithe Spirit said...

Thanks Beth - I really enjoyed the Sheila Hicks exhibit. She was a new artist to me and I was blown away by the scale of her work and her use of colour. The AGO has been one of my favourite places to visit especially since the refurbishment. I didn't have time to go on my last visit, but I usually get to Toronto once a year, so will definitely visit next time.