Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Three Walks from Buttermere Day One: To Haystacks and Back. . .

It's taken me at least a day and a half to recover from a fabulous weekend of walking in the Lake District.  Our rambling group booked most of the beds at the YHA hostel in Buttermere (which I'd recommend - can't get a better location). This was our first view of Buttermere as we came up the road.

We arrived around noon on the Friday and did about a four hour circular walk to Haystacks and back.  The walk skirts around the lake which is lovely from all views.  Our route took us along a path on the right hand side, through the woods.

We then made our way towards Scarth Gap.  I was astonished to see a field of bluebells on the hill's open edge. They were past their prime, but still lovely.

Heading up Scarth Gap.

And looking backwards near the top.

Haystacks is a group of craggy hills full of interesting rock formations and tiny tarns. The view of the surrounding mountains is just superb and the paths are good. It really is a must-do walk if you are in the area.

It was Alfred Wainwright's favourite place and his ashes were scattered near Innominate Tarn, shown below.

The descent on the other side was a little tricky and steep, but fortunately it was nice and dry. You just have to pay attention to the loose scree.

This is part-way down looking back at Buttermere with Crummock Water in the background (more on that tomorrow).

And after a hot shower and dinner, we all had a drink in one of the pubs in the village which is conveniently just a short walk down the hill from the hostel. The Herdies are very much at home here and roam the streets quite nonchalantly. I think they by-passed this pub because they'd feel like a sheep out of pasture.

There's also a tiny church which is well worth a look. There's a memorial window to Wainwright, "who loved this valley", and you can see Haystacks from it, which is a nice touch.

It was a great start to the Bank Holiday weekend.

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