Thursday, 17 December 2015

A Sheepy Xmas Tree. . .

I have not had a proper Christmas tree since I moved to Liverpool.  The Liverpud had a little tinselly tabletop tree that, once plugged in, changed colours from the most garish of purples and pinks to slightly less offensive blues and greens. We both decided we couldn't stand looking at it for another year.  The problem is that, having always had real trees as a kid in Canada, I've never warmed to plastic boughs.  So what to do?  A bunch of branches in a large vase?

The solution came when I was passing an arts supply store. They were having a 50% off sale on artist easels, which of course are made of wood, fold out into the perfect triangular tripod and best of all there are no needles to clean up.  I bought a bunch of long screws and wingnuts to create hooks for the decorations and ledges for the lights. A few strands of white fairy lights later, and we had all we needed to get cozy against the early dark nights.

But what REALLY makes my tree this year are these fabulous sheep decorations from The Knitting Goddess. 


The sheep bodies have been screen-printed from various knitting stitch patterns onto white felt. The kit comes with two sheets; you simply draw a circle around two sheep, stitch them up (I used blanket stitch with various leftovers from my British breeds swatch-along), stuff them, crochet a little hook and you're done.  Don't they look terrific?  And they work perfectly with the light wood of my "tree".

At the time of writing, she still had some sets left on her site. All proceeds are going to charity so you'll also be supporting some wonderful causes.  I think some British Breed wool pom poms are the next thing I need to make.

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theknittinggoddess said...

It's great to see these made up - merry Christmas