Tuesday, 4 August 2015

All At Sea. . .

There's something quite soothing about knowing you'll be several days at sea.  Especially if you are a knitter or a reader or are just happy to watch the world go by.  For those with short attention spans who don't have hobbies, don't play bridge and don't want to drink all day - cruising may not be ideal for you.

I recently got back from a nine day cruise with my Mum to the fjords of Norway. Part of the attraction for this particular cruise was the fact that it left from Liverpool and I was as excited to be sailing up the Mersey as I was to be heading to Norway.  It certainly made for the most convenient travel start to any recent holiday, just travelling down to the Pier Head.

We were two days at sea and lucky with the weather and I stayed mostly up on deck, latte and knitting at my side, taking in all the gorgeous Scottish scenery after sailing through the Irish Sea and the North Channel.  

These are some of the islands of the Outer Hebrides on our port side - I think they were the Uists.  I love the blend of clouds, land and sea.

And on our starboard side was the Isle of Skye.

I was hoping to catch a glimpse of the Shetlands but we were about 35 miles away.  At any rate, I waved the sleeve of my Scollay cardigan in the general direction in homage to all things woolly. The yarn isn't from Shetland but the namesake of the pattern is (although she's recently moved to Edinburgh).

Beautiful sunsets too and we were so lucky with calm seas.

Next stop: Norway.

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