Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Some Northern Stripes. . .

I'm taking a small break from the garments to knit something smaller and definitely faster.   You can never have too many pairs of mittens when hiking in English rain. Even though I have a pair of high-tech waterproof gloves, the water inevitably finds its way in, soaking your gloves from the inside out which leads to very, very cold hands.  This makes for utter walking misery.  If I know it's going to pour, I've gotten into the habit of always bringing at least three pairs with me.  

This pattern is by Sarah Hazell from the March 2015 issue of Knitting magazine. It was called "Cozy Angora Mittens" but these were knit with the Peer Gynt wool I bought in Norway.  It's a very decent, hardworking yarn that isn't the softest, but feels quite durable.  I changed the stripe sequence and omitted the tree pattern on the front, but kept the slip-stitch cuff.  It forms a lovely texture and feels quite snug against my wrist which will hopefully keep those pesky raindrops from sliding inside.  I have plans to knit a larger pair of mittens with some Herdy wool, reputed to be very waterproof, but rather coarse against the skin.  The plan is to wear these mitts inside the other pair for some added warmth and protection.   We shall see if that works. One member of our club swears by her black dish-washing rubber gloves which she wears over a pair of mittens. 

I've also cast on for Karie Westermann's Mahy Shawl (I just can't keep away from her patterns!).  My main colour for this will be some gorgeous J.C. Rennie Shetland in the deep purple Ivanhoe colourway, that I bought when I was up north for the Edinburgh Yarn Festival.  I'd love to make the whole shawl in it but I think I'm going to fall short in yardage so for the beginning garter triangle, I'm striping it with some of the Norsk Pelsull yarn I bought in Norway.  It's a wee bit thicker but not noticeably so. and its mustardy-green colour goes really well with the purple.

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