Monday, 16 March 2015

Postcards from Edinburgh. . .

Is there a more gorgeous city in the world?

I love that it has the only train station in the world named after a novel.  And Sir Walter Scott quotes are emblazoned everywhere.

There is beautiful architecture and warm stone.  It has the feel of a really substantial and historical city but without the chaos of London. 

And it is surrounded by hills and water!  After dropping our bags at the hotel, we immediately headed up Arthur's Seat.

Beautiful views in every direction.

Next visit, I want to go walking in the Pentland Hills which you can see on the other side of the city.

There was also time to visit the Tartan Weaving Mill (a bit too touristy but I did pick up some tartan and tweed remnants that I could quilt with or use as cushion backs).

And of course the castle.  The last time I was in the city, I was on a strict backpacking budget and couldn't afford to go in. I took a moment outside the gates to remember this with a smile and think how far I've come in twenty years.

And then plunged right in.

Stunning woodwork in the Great Hall.

Scotland's National War Memorial is also located here.  It has very moving stained glass windows depicting various scenes from the First and Second World Wars, both on the battlefields and the home front.

In particular I was very moved by St. Margaret's Chapel which is the oldest surviving structure in Edinburgh, built around 1130.  I tried to imagine this tiny building perched alone on top of this huge hill without the bustling city below.

I loved the patterned stonework inside.

Whew - it was a very busy three days and I haven't even gotten around to the yarn yet!

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