Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The WIP Basket. . .

I recently bought a basket for my unfinished projects so I can cart it around from room to room and keep it all somewhat organised.  And as usual, I have too many on the go (several more spirited away in project bags too as I'm in denial).  However, some progress has been made. . .

Mum's Christmas Peasy is coming along and I think I should be able to finish it in time. I've now completed the body and just have to do the neck and front trim, the button bands and find some buttons to sew on. Oh, yes and it needs a good blocking.  Now, can I actually take it home on the plane without it being damp?

My never ending project on the go are these mitred squares that are so easy to knit on the bus or during quick breaks at work. I've assembled quite a number of these now (although as you can see I'm lazy about weaving in the ends).  Next year, I'll set about arranging them in some sort of pleasing combination for a blanket or cushion cover (or two).

I really shouldn't started a cardigan for myself until I finished Mum's but I couldn't help myself. I bought 8 balls of Rowan Colourspun at a sale and I'm just in love with the mixture of colours.  The pattern is Tango designed by Sarah Hatton (also called The Textured Cardigan) and while the cables would certainly be more defined in a different yarn and solid colour, I actually don't mind the rather muted look with this yarn.  It will certainly be cozy.

And then I definitely need a project for the plane.  This will take forever and I may end up frogging the pattern and starting over, but I fancy a really lovely, long cowl with a bit of fair isle, knitted in the round so that it's extra warm.  I'm using a skein of the softest Misti Alpaca in beautiful variegated colours of blue/lavender/soft grey/brown/mustard that I've had in my stash for years and the background is Titus in Coal.  At any rate I feel much less stressed about December knitting this year having decided only to do  one gift (last year, I was knitting frantically on Christmas Eve) and thus enjoying it enormously.

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