Tuesday, 10 December 2013

A Green December . . .

One of the things about living in the U.K. that I never tire of is how green everything stays, even through the winter.  The grass in Toronto will now be either be a very dismal brown or covered in snow whereas this is how our local park looks in December.

My pot of chrysanthemums, bought in September have just recently started to flower again.

And what's this?  Yes, those are my daffodil bulbs, planted in October and already starting to pop up. (I'm actually quite worried about these babies - I keep telling them to go back to sleep until March).

Another great place to indulge in greenery all year round is at Sefton Park's Palm House, a magnificent Victorian greenhouse constructed in cast iron.  The Liverpud and I love to walk the long way into town which takes in both Sefton Park and the promenade along the Mersey. The Palm House is a lovely place to feast on some exotic foliage.

All good green things to appreciate before I head back to sub-zero Toronto for the holidays.

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