Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Amazing Kate Davies Does it Again. . .

There was a nice thump on the floor when the post arrived today and I knew exactly what it was.  I have been a huge fan of the very talented Kate Davies for a number of years now and when she announced her first knitting book was published, I immediately ordered one up, along with hundreds of knitters around the world. And it is gorgeous - the patterns, the photography, the layout, I just love it.

Not only am I itching to knit several of the patterns, I know this is going to be a fascinating book to actually read.  Inspired by the landscape of the Shetland Islands, each section is prefaced by an essay exploring one aspect of the history and geography that inspired the designs.  The first thing I want to make is her puffin sweater (puffins are my favourite birds).

I also love her Stevenson sweater inspired by the islands' lighthouses.

The reading will commence tonight; the knitting will have to wait until the new year (and I still have her Deco sweater to finish up).

Still, I did get one xmas gift off the needles today.  I finished a Tuesday Night Cowl designed by Susan Lawrence for my sister-in-law.  I've knit this before and it's a wonderful and quite quick pattern. The cowl stays firmly around the neck and is very cosy on cold days. You can also easily bring it up to cover your face if it's windy.  When I knit mine, I used a wool that had a lot of alpaca in it and it had quite a halo, although it certainly was soft.  For this one, I used Rowan's British Sheep Breeds Chunky in the Bluefaced Leicester and I think the cables are more defined.  I also really like the undyed colour.  I may have to knit another for myself.

Now I'm attempting a hat (not my forte at all - I always get the sizing wrong).   We'll see how it goes;  I'm usually rubbish at judging the size when it's on the dpns.

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