Wednesday, 5 December 2012

So Many UFOs. . .

I've been fairly busy these last few weeks, but I'll always find time for knitting.  The trouble is, I just can't seem to finish anything! My Unfinished Objects are getting out of control but alas, it doesn't stop me from casting on for something new.

My latest obsession has been knitting cushion covers using different patterns and textures.  I'm quite pleased with these two (although sewing them up into actual cushions has been put on hold until after the holidays).  The plan is to pile them up in heaps on the day bed in the spare bedroom.

I've also been captivated and inspired by a new book called Pop Knitting by Britt-Marie Christoffersson which contains some really imaginative, colourful and wacky techniques.

Who knew that knitting holes could be so much fun?

The above is meant to be a long, horizontal cushion but it's knitting up so large that I think I may have to felt it. The idea is to have some bold and interesting fabric from my quilting stash showing through the holes and then I'll back all of my knitted cushion fronts with various quilted fat quarters. 

But the Christmas gift knitting has to come first.  I'm loving this scarf pattern called Leftie by Martina Behm.  It's a fresh and youthful take on a simple garter stitch scarf and it's been fun choosing complimentary colours.  You can also easily make it any size you like.  The pattern calls for fingering yarn, but crazy me has decided to do it in lace weight.  I like the lightness of it and I've picked colours that I think could work well for use in both the winter and summer.  Still, it is taking FOREVER.  And I'm not looking forward to weaving in all the ends.  Fingers crossed that I at least get this done before the 25th. (I'm also dying to make one for myself).

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