Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Delicious. . .

Now that I'm living in the U.K, I have access to all these lovely new magazines that previously cost a fortune as imports and took six weeks to get over the pond (although I do miss Chatelaine).  It's my guilty pleasure, especially the knitting, home and food magazines.  Honestly, how could you walk by   a cover like this? (September issue).  Resistance is futile.
Lemon tart is my absolute favourite dessert and as soon as I save up for a proper mixer, I'll be trying the recipe on the cover.  I just wish I could find Omega 3 eggs in this country.  But the whole magazine is filled with yummy treats and I've attempted the pear and stem ginger cake which turned out very tasty, although next time I will put a bit more pear and a little less ginger as the latter flavour completely overwhelmed the former.  Still, it is a very easy recipe and produces a very moist cake that lasted several days.

I'm not enjoying being unemployed in a recession and on the constant job hunt, but the silver lining is that I do have the time to experiment with new recipes and I'm quickly becoming addicted to baking which is probably not great for my waistline.  Still, the Liverpud appreciates my efforts - the Brits do like their puddings.

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