Friday, 14 September 2012

Art in the City. . .

It's the start of the Liverpool Biennial - a huge international contemporary art festival that takes place over the next ten weeks involving 242 artists in 27 locations around the city and not just the art galleries.  I'll be exploring as many venues as I can get to - in particular I'm excited to pop into the beautiful and historical Cunard building on the waterfront.  Did I mention that it's all free?  Just brilliant.  One of the key themes is "The Unexpected Guest", intended to explore notions of hospitality.   Above is "The Lift" by Oded Hirsch that looks as if it's burst through the pavement of the Liverpool One shopping centre.  I'll also be heading to Tate Liverpool as one of my favourite artists - Sophie Calle - will be on display.  I'm a bit disappointed that it's not new work - it's a series of her Hotel photos from 1981, but since I've never seen them outside of her books, I'll still be keen.

Along with the art there will be films, talks, and workshops and even a fringe festival that takes place alongside the Biennial.  It's all very exciting - there is SO much going on in this city this fall.

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