Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Curry Flavour. . .

My favourite magazine this week is the latest from Jamie Oliver.  The Brits and my Liverpud love a good curry so I snapped this up as soon as I saw it on the stands.  He's done it again - this issue is just packed with wonderful recipes (not all of them curry related).  I particularly liked the article "Tradition With a Twist" which blends Indian cooking with traditional British recipes such as Fish & Chips, pasties and Yorkshire Pud.  There are also very useful recipes for making five different curry pastes from a Korma to a Vindaloo.

The only curries I've ever done have either involved a sauce from a jar or using pre-made curry mixes, but this magazine totally inspired me to try one from scratch. I chose the Chicken Tikka Masala and just mixing up all the aromatic paste ingredients was so much fun.

And hooray, I did it! And it wasn't nearly as hard as I thought.  I added some spinach and served it over brown basmati with some (store bought) naan on the side and a good bunch of coriander on top.  Spicy and yummy.  I'll be trying some lentil curries next.

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