Sunday, 29 July 2012

My Olympic Events. . .

Weren't the opening ceremonies stunning?  I loved the spectacular beauty and originality of the cauldron. I've been watching events all weekend - the two road races in particular -  and bits of the swimming, rowing and gymnastics.  I was also inspired to bake a celebratory cake.  In theory, it was going to be blue (blueberries), red (raspberries) and white (icing) for Team GB but a couple of things went wrong.  I read the ingredients wrong and used plain flour instead of self-raising flour. Not surprisingly, it became a bit more flat and dense than I wanted.  I also added too much lemon juice to the icing sugar and so it wasn't as thick (and white) as intended - more of a lemon drizzle. Still, it tasted great so I was very happy with it. Recipe was from the Good Food Cookbook edited by Jane Hornby.

There's a huge LEGO store in Liverpool and they've created these wonderful little sports figures - perfect adornments!  I really love the swimmer.

Like many knitters all over the world, I'm also participating in the Ravellenic Games. Basically you cast on a project at the beginning of the opening ceremonies and have to finish it by the end of the closing ceremonies. I'm challenging myself with a lace shawl that requires beading - something I've never done before.  The pattern is Sweet Dreams by Boo Knits and so far, so good. Got most of the body done and will be starting the lace bits shortly.  I feel I'm on track, but we'll have to see if the beading slows me down. I love the yarn I'm using which is Scrumptious Laceweight - a blend of merino and silk from Fyberspates. It has a lovely lustre and it feels very strong.

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