Monday, 23 July 2012

Waterfront Concert. . .

Liverpool is definitely a city that likes its music and this weekend I went to check out their Music by the Waterfront concert. I would have loved to have been there Friday night when the Liverpool Philharmonic was playing but couldn't make it, so stopped by on Saturday for a varied line-up of different types of popular music. The venue and the weather were perfect - they set the stage up right down on the waterfront between the Mersey and the "Three Graces" - the trio of beautiful buildings that are Liverpool landmarks. I was dancing along with the Royal Liver building to my right. I was impressed with the crowds - no jostling, no pushing, it was very easy to get a spot with a decent vantage point, and even though wine and beer (and fish and chips even!) were readily available, apart from a bit of litter, everyone was well behaved and just enjoying themselves in the evening sunshine (it doesn't get dark until close to 10pm here, which I love; I know I'll pay for it with very short days in the winter).

I wasn't familiar with a lot of the bands but it was the head liner that I really came for - the opera/pop singer Russell Watson. I have a number of his CDs but it was great to hear that powerful voice live. His last song  was Nessum Dorma and as he hit the high notes at the end, the fireworks went off.  As the Brits like to say - it was bloody brilliant.

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