Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Ten Miles Around Grassington. . .

Our last ramblers' walk was to the lovely Yorkshire town of Grassington which I definitely would like to explore in more detail. Walking through it, I was constantly distracted by the shop and cafe windows.   Oh, how I'd love to visit during their Dickensian Christmas festivities

Situated right in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, there are plenty of good walks just outside the village with lots of typical Yorkshire dry stone walls on display.

Soon our walk took us on to part of the Dales Way, a long distance walk that I aim to do in full one day.  I loved how the clouds ahead looked like mountains. 

Some people find this type of landscape very bleak but I love it.  The air was very still, fresh and dry and it feels great to breathe it all in and get the lungs and legs working.

In the 19th century there was lots of industry -  limestone quarries and lead mines.  This is a lime kiln built over 150 years ago.

And the limestone is very evident in the surrounding landscape.

The light was fantastic and the trees so very still.

Our way back to Grassington took us down old mining tracks where there are still remnants of buildings and shafts.  Not a place to stray off the main road.

The final bit was a lovely path along the River Wharf.

The days are so short now so our walks are accordingly cut by half an hour to an hour but the upside is that we do get to glimpse some lovely sunsets.  We made it to the pub just before it went completely dark, but alas, after all the shops had closed, including the wool one.  Next time.

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