Sunday, 28 December 2014

It's Knitting Time. . .

Whew!  December has been a busy month.  I started a new job (far more interesting than my last two, and much better hours) worked quite a bit of overtime, got caught up in all the craziness of the holidays, whipped back to Canada for a week to help my Mum move flats, whipped up my only knitted gift and even though I was a few days late with the post, it fortunately arrived just in time for Christmas.   This is a trinity stitch cowl made with two strands of Wendy Ramsdale DK held together.  I love the texture and coziness of it and really need to make one for myself.

One of the things I did knit up for me was a new hat.  This is the Stovetop Hat from Tin Can Knits' new book Road Trip.  The wool is Debbie Bliss Luxury Tweed and it was a fun and relatively quick knit.  I made the medium size but perhaps the smaller size would have been a wee bit more snug.  I'm always hopeless at getting the sizing right for hats.

You can wear it a bit slouchy, or pull it right down to cover the ears.

The hat has been worn quite a lot as it's turned a little chilly in Liverpool.  We actually got snow on Boxing Day, but not enough to stick around.  This is what it looked like in Sefton Park on Christmas Eve as, shopping all done, the Liverpud and I took one of our favourite walks through the parks and down to the Mersey.  I still can't get over how green everything stays through the winter months.

The tide was high and it was very windy by the water but the hat stayed on!

I also wore my new tunisian crocheted mittens made by my friend S.  The tight weave created by this technique really makes them warm.  I love the festive embroidery on them.

And now it's time to relax and get on with some new projects.  I have this crazy ambition, fuelled by an enabling group on ravelry, to try and knit 12 sweaters/jumpers in 2015.  You can include wips and I have four of them; this challenge might just be what I need to finally finish them.

This is my latest work in progress - Sous Sous by Norah Gaughan.  The cabling is just gorgeous. I'm using Bluefaced Leicester DK from West Yorkshire Spinners.

Knitting, reading, watching DVDs, baking and taking long walks - this is my plan for the week ahead.