Wednesday, 20 March 2019

How Does Our Garden Grow?. . .

Happy Spring.  I am so glad that winter is over with its damp, short days, icky colds and general apathy and lack of energy.  We can now look forward to a bit of sun and watching our garden come to life.

Both the Liverpud and I are very much amateur gardeners of the "let's plant it and see what happens" variety.  Half the time, we pop something into the ground and forget it's there.  Until the green shoots start coming up.

So last month, we had a scattering of snowdrops (we also had a lot of wind, hence the branches that were everywhere in our back yard.  We have cleared them up now.)

And our ever-reliant camellia bushes bloomed.

We found a lovely unexpected bunch of crocuses.

And now we have a bucket of happy narcissi blooming.

We have a lovely neighbour who last year kindly gave us some pots of plants for the front yard.  Two of them had daffodils in them and when they started to wilt, as if on cue, these purple grape hyacinths appeared!

I had completely given up on my tarragon.  I never know if one should leave herbs to their own devices during the winter, but I did and both my sage and tarragon were definitely looking the worse for wear in January.  But now the latter is springing up all nice and green.  I am delighted. Unless it's a weed I don't know about.

And we have tulips to look forward to.

It's the little things. Bring on the garden center!