Monday, 3 April 2017

Spring Colour and a Spring Cowl. . .

A completely frivolous post for a Monday, but with lots of colour.  I was in York over the weekend at a knit and natter and was completely captivated by these daffodils cascading down the hill from the city walls.

York is a wonderful walkable city and I popped into their relatively new Seasalt store as we don't have one in Liverpool.  I love their clothing - it's comfortable, well made and designed with interesting prints.  But today it was their bags I was on the hunt for and I have now bought my perfect summer bag.  It's so large and roomy - a sweater project can easily fit, along with all the other essentials that need to travel with me, and I love the bright orangey-coral colour. This will be the perfect carry-on bag for flights and also a good wool festival bag - I can squish an awful lot of yarn into it.

As a bonus, I picked up one of their new canvas shopping bags too - one can never have enough project bags!  It's so pretty and was only £4. The print is meant to evoke the nautical, but all I see are Crazy Zauberballs!

This might be because I spent several hours on the train and also at the meet-up, knitting away on my helical striped cowl.  I finished somewhere between Manchester and Liverpool and grafted the ends together this morning.

It does have a spring look and feel to it, although it was far too warm to wear it today.

Despite my intentions to knit to the end of both Zauberballs, I quit with possibly 15- 20% of each ball still remaining.  The cowl was certainly long enough and I think I was starting to see stripes in my sleep! I'm pleased with the outcome and it'll be a cozy and cheery cowl to pull out on really grey and cold winter days.

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Katherine said...

Ohh so many pretty things in this post! It's hilarious how much that printed bag looks like Zauberballs! And I love how your cowl turned out. I'm filing away that there's a Seasalt in York - very exciting! I went to one the last time I was in the UK and loved it, so it's good to know where the (somewhat!) proximate ones will be once I make it to Lancaster!