Friday, 24 March 2017

My Shivery Dunyvaig. . .

I have another finished shawl!  Or scarf.  Or both. This is Dunyvaig, from Kate Davies' new book, Inspired by Islay.

It's knit in Countess Ablaze English Gentleman 4ply, in a skein of the undyed and a colourway called Shiver. The yarn is a mixture of BFL and Masham and it is really soft, but also shows the gansey-inspired texture beautifully.

I made several changes to the pattern apart from choosing to stripe it. I made decreases at the end to mirror the increases, and also didn't start the textured patterns until I'd increased to the full width. I also knit less pattern repeats and it has definitely ended up wide enough.

It's now shortly off to Canada as an early Mother's Day gift - there is still another month of winter to go.  I think Mum will also find this useful to throw over her shoulders on chilly spring or fall days as she sits on her balcony or goes for a walk. But I may just have to knit another for myself! The Countess Ablaze has just opened a new store in Manchester and I feel a visit is imminent. And I will definitely be tempted by her bolder and brighter colours. 

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