Monday, 6 February 2017

Signs of Spring. . .

This Saturday I woke up to the most glorious sight in my back garden.

Of all the bulbs we planted in containers and in the back yard, I was definitely not expecting this iris to bloom first.  Isn't it lovely?  There are nine others in the same pot, all sprouting up.  I can't wait to see the whole group of them in full flower.  This may be the most lovely thing I've ever grown - amateur gardener that I am.  It just made my weekend.

Saturday was crisp and sunny so the Liverpud and I walked into town.  We saw other signs of spring too.  Crocuses were in bloom in Princes Park.

And we spotted this gorgeous bank of snow drops in the St. James Gardens beside the Anglican Cathedral.

This weekend was also the start of our hiking season proper.  On Sunday we had a lovely walk around Staveley, but I'll save that for a future post later in the week.  Even after almost five years of living in the U.K., I still can't get my head around flowers in February.

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Beth Theis said...

Freezing rain for Toronto tomorrow, still snowshoeing here 2 hours north. Yes, when I lived there I always said English spring was amazing, too bad it did 't always turn into summer. Lovely flowers, your own is striking, drift of snowdrops is lovely.