Friday, 5 August 2016

Five Little Haps, All in a Row. The Sixth is Steeked and the Seventh's a Go. . .

And here's my finished Houlland, all blocked.

The yarn - Gotland lace from The Little Grey Sheep - blocked out nicely although it has a slight halo so the pattern isn't as defined as it would be with a smoother yarn.

I still think it looks quite elegant and it is very, very warm. And no itch factor at all. 

It can also be worn quite casually around the neck and the colour will go quite nicely with my dark brown winter coat.

I've been absolutely obsessed over the last two months with knitting haps - they've been such interesting and fun projects and I now have plenty of stylish warmth on hand.  The two KALs on Ravelry have been full of inspiration and encouraging tips and chatter - such a lovely group of knitters -  and I hope the threads will continue well past the KAL deadlines.  I certainly still want to knit all 13 patterns in the book, although I will slow the pace down a little now as I have quite a few sweater wips on the go.

But I've steeked the shoulders on the Hamegaet Wrap.

And cast on for the Nut-Hap with some Noro Taiyo lace.  This will make a much smaller scarf, rather than a large shawl, but I'm happy with that as I really want something more summery to wear. It means knitting a lot more rows to get a good width though.

Now I just have to think about outfits for all of these haps.  No problems with my Happenstance - I recently ordered a new dress when Seasalt had their sale, and the colours are a perfect match. Happy happenstance indeed.

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