Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Chuffed With Crochet. . .

Since coming back from EYF, I've been so filled with inspiration and ideas for all sorts of crafts, I've been trying to add more balance to my life by designating every alternate week a "no knitting week".  I can crochet, practice my drop spindling, get out the sewing machine or the loom, but I have to put the needles down.  I think this will also help me choose my future knitting projects more carefully.

At any rate, with restless hands, I dug out my crochet hook and the first thing I've finished is my little project bag that I started on the train to Edinburgh.  I think it's quite cute. It took three balls of Rowan Summerspun and I basically just crocheted around and around until they were finished.  I added some carefully spaced holes near the top and threaded through two strands of chained Summer Tweed as a drawstring.  I will need to line it with some fabric though - when I tried to use it for a crochet project bag, the hook kept poking out between my trebles.  It holds nicely holds skeins of yarn though.

The one project I'm really excited about finishing is my Anemone, designed by Marie Wallin.  I was so, so nervous about doing the crochet sleeves, and then attaching them to the knitted front and back, but as with any new pattern, you just have to sit down and slowly go through it line by line.  I used six balls of Rowan Summerlite 4ply and it's a lovely cotton to work with. The sleeves came out a little long but I'm fine with that.  I did modify the neckline somewhat as I didn't like the picot edging on the original pattern. It also was quite a wide neckline, so I just did several rows of double crochet stitches, decreasing evenly until I was happy with the fit.  This may well be my favourite handmade top ever!  (But then I always say that about my latest project).

It definitely has given me tons of confidence with my crochet skills, so much so that I now want to crochet an entire garment.  I've chosen the Zigga Zagga cardigan by Kat Goldin.  The pattern isn't up on ravelry yet (I'll link to it when I see it), but it's from the debut issue of Crochet Now.   It has a simple lace back, lace panels for the fronts and then some edging.  I'm using this gorgeous Lleu wool/alpaca blend from Trisklelion Yarns.  All is going well so far.

Yep, this non-knitting week is definitely working for me. 

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