Monday, 11 April 2016

A Little Bit of Paris in Liverpool. . .

This could be dangerous.

Artisane, a new French patisserie has recently opened its doors in my neighbourhood.  It's only a five minute detour from my daily walk to work.  They sell lattes.

And lots and lots of tempting pastries.  I highly recommend their little chouquettes which are just visible in the bottom left hand corner of the photo. A bag of ten only costs £1.50 and they are light, airy and very addictive.

They also have stunning patisseries.  I am mad about anything with lemon and their tarts are fantastic. They also sell lemon eclairs, filled with lemon curd and decorated with piped meringue on the top and one teeny, tiny lemon macaron.  Their regular sized macarons are also delicious, particularly the pistachio.

Did I mention the bread?

I bought a small loaf of their dark Nordic rye and wholegrain bread (that's healthy right?), which you can see in the foreground.   A Finnish friend suggested I grill it with thinly sliced leeks and cheese on top.  Absolutely scrumptious and this may become my regular weekend lunch.

I also love their hot drink loyalty card.  After purchasing six drinks, you don't get a seventh drink free.  Oh, no, you get a free pastry instead!  Brilliant.  And dangerous. It's a good thing I have an hour's walk to work.

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