Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Kiku: Another Summer Tweed Garment Off the Needles. . .

And here's my sixth garment of the year,  and my third out of Rowan Summer Tweed.  I am really pleased with this summer top - it was very quick to knit; it only took about five days as I was using 5.5 mm needles and most of it was stockinette.  The pattern is Kiku by Sarah Hatton and it works very well with the texture of the summer tweed. 

I really love the lace detail on the yoke and sleeves. I didn't even block it as I don't want this garment to stretch too much, and it came out really well.  I knit it slightly bigger than my size because I wanted the feel of a loose, comfy t-shirt, but I brought in the yoke so it wouldn't hang off my shoulders. There were a few tricky bits in the pattern regarding the sleeve decreases but I managed to work it all out and so far, this is one of my favourite knits this year.  I will get a lot of use out of this top all summer as it goes great with jeans or a more dressy skirt.  Really chuffed with this one!

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Bérengère said...

je suis en train de tricoter ce pull.
mais je me pose une petite question. combien y a-t-il de motifs dans le dos avant d'arriver à la hauteur souhaitée ?
merci d'avance,
à bientôt