Friday, 1 May 2015

Happy Progress. . .

Full speed ahead on my Hap Cardigan.  Inspired by all the lovely hap shawls already completed in Knit British's Hap-a-long (you can see some of them here),  I've decided to somewhat mimic the shawls in that I'll just be doing a band of colour near the bottom of the cardigan, rather than having the stripes start up by the shoulders. I'm quite enjoying just knitting away on the feather and fan portion with my white alpaca although there was a mild moment of panic involving some blueberries. It will soon be time to add some colours however and that should be fun.

Not that I'm ignoring colour!  Here are my fourth hexigons for the Rowan CAL.  These spirals were a blast to crochet - you just go around and around and around and only two ends to have to weave in.

I love the pattern so much that I've started a rug with some very bright Boodles yarn I found on sale  (I've put the green hexi in the middle for scale).  I'm using a 10mm crochet hook for this one and I can only do a bit at a time because your shoulders do start to hurt yanking this yarn through.   It's going to be a very happy, spring-looking rug however so a little pain is worth it.  Hooray for Bank Holiday weekend in the UK; I plan on lots of knitting/crochet and maybe even a bit of weaving time!

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