Saturday, 9 May 2015

Another Reason to Visit Formby. . .

If you turn left when you leave the train station at Formby, you'll quickly see signs into the town centre. Head that way for The Good Wool Shop.

But if you turn right out of the station and follow the road for half a mile, you'll come to a path that leads through a forest.

And if you are really lucky, you'll see some red squirrels in this forest, which is part of a National Trust Reserve (I didn't alas).

And if you continue on the same path, you'll come out to a clearing and see some very different types of hills ahead.

These are the famous sand dunes of Formby and walking through them towards the sea is quite the workout!

But you soon get to the beach and more compact sand which stretches for miles in either direction.  On this day, rain was threatening and it was quite chilly so I didn't stay long.

This area is linked with Crosby to the south and Southport to the north via the Sefton Coastal Path.   I've walked bits of it up to Southport in the past, but the next time I'm in Formby, I'll head south (after a quick stop in the wool shop of course!).

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