Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The Old Man From Afar: Another Walk Around Coniston. . .

This is what perfect winter walking weather looks like.  It may have been -3 degrees when we set out around 9am, but the wind was perfectly still, allowing the sunshine to warm all exposed skin.  Bliss!

The last time we came to Coniston, we tackled the famous Old Man which looms above the town.  You can follow that walk here.  But the Lake District offers gorgeous views from all heights and this recce that we did for a future walk with our rambling group, demonstrates how one doesn't need to go to the highest point for the maximum views.  And let's face it, the Old Man looks pretty picturesque from a distance, especially covered in snow. 

Starting from the town, we briefly walked away from the Old Man, through bits of woodland and across fields still encrusted with the morning's frost.

This brought us out to the head of Coniston Water, also looking quite magical in the still, morning air.

The Herdys were enjoying the sunshine too.

From the other side of the lake the Old Man still majestically dominates the landscape.

Our path up was on one of many that snake through Grizedale Forest where we encountered this very odd sign.  I still don't really know what it means or what it may be cautioning against.

The highest point on our walk was Carron Crag and on the way up you encounter various wooden sculptures.

At 1,030 feet it may not be the highest peak in the region, but just look at the 360 views you get, not only of the Old Man and its surrounding crags. . . 

. . . but also this great view of the ranges near Ambleside.  I hope I'm correct; I think it may be the Fairfield Horseshoe on the far left with the Kentmere Horseshoe also visible further along. 

I could have spent hours up on the top of Carron, basking in the sunshine and fresh air.  However, there was an important football game on at 5pm (they all seem to be important to the Liverpud), and we had to finish the recce, so reluctantly we started heading down through more deep and magical forest. . .

. . . finishing on gentle country lanes - I love this type of walking path.

At every clearing, the Old Man reasserted itself, looking particularly lovely in the lake's reflection,

A truly super winter walk!  I can't wait to do it again with our group.


Sara said...

You are making me very jealous! I'm planning another trip to Cumbria in June, but it looks so magic and quiet and perfect right now.

Blithe Spirit said...

There's just no place like it is there?