Thursday, 15 January 2015

Happy Wear. . .

I am completely obsessed by this spring coat from Marks and Spencer.  It stopped me dead in my tracks when I first passed it on a store mannequin. I love the collar and especially the yellow accents which are also on the lining of the coat's fastenings. What fun to open up and flash yellow!  It is such a happy coat; perfect for these dull, gray winter days and there's a good percentage of wool in its fabric.  Had it been 100% wool, I might have broken down and pulled out the VISA card right away.

But, but, but. . . we're only two weeks into the year and I have sworn not to purchase any clothes in 2015. My closets are full.  I have an abundance of wool and fabric and patterns and ambitions to make my own clothes this year.  So no, I will not be buying this lovely, grellow coat (though I will admit to visiting it still whenever I'm in the store).

But then I thought of this pattern in the 2014 holiday edition of Designer Knitting (Vogue Knitting in North America).  What if I did the body in gray and the sleeves in mustardy yellow?  I have skeins of both in my stash.  Wouldn't that somehow approximate the feeling of the coat?  Have you seen these amazing sleeves from blogger Cozy Things

Ribbed sleeve pullover by Zahra Jade Knott

Something to definitely add to the queue.  I especially need a happy project right now having completely frogged by Big Wool Drift after knitting both the front and the back.  It was just so unflattering on me.  I still love the wool though and will just have to find another project for it.

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