Monday, 24 November 2014

Third Time Lucky?. . .

I'm persevering with this Stephen West KAL because I absolutely love the pattern, but it's been really tough to get my colours right.  This was the first incarnation and my border colour just didn't have enough contrast (along with having mixed up a RS with a WS).  Scrapped.

For my second endeavour, I got as far as halfway through Clue #2.  These colours go together much better, but they really aren't my colours.  I'd end up never wearing this.

Also my brioche went quite wonky.  Love the springy fabric that it creates though - I just needed more practice.  Version 2 scrapped.

This is version 3  - back to lace weight, using a skein of Noro Sekku with some Debbie Bliss laceweight as the white border.  This is Clue 1 finished and I'm really happy with the colours.

I finished Clue 2 on the train to Harrogate for their Knitting and Stitching Show this past weekend. Still made a few mistakes with the brioche, but they are on the edges and I can live with it.  I really want to knit a whole brioche scarf now.  I feel very chuffed to have learned this new technique. 

Working madly on Clue 3 now which is just rows of garter stitch, before tackling the final clue - a border of chevrons which I may stripe.  The whole shawl is looking a little Christmassy to me, but I think I'll like the finished project.

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