Saturday, 5 July 2014

Tour de Yorkshire. . .

What a fantastic start to the Tour de France. I've been glued to the telly all morning/afternoon watching the first stage from Leeds to Harrogate amid all the bunting, signs, works of art and colourful costumes. One farmer had dyed all his sheep yellow.   The enthusiastic crowds have been huge all along the route and the crush at the top of the hills looked almost equal to the numbers on the Alps.  Plus it's just been a joy to watch the beauty of the Yorkshire Dales from the helicopter photos.  I'm so pleased that the weather has been perfect and has shown this very beautiful county in its best light.  Well done Yorkshire - you've done the tour proud.  What a shame about Cavendish's fall at the end though.

Don't you love this enormous jersey hung on the side of the church in Skipton, just beside the castle? 

The Tour has also given me plenty of knitting time to finish my last afghan square - hooray! As some of the other knitters in the KAL have been doing,  I decided to put my own little signature on the project.

And now it's on to the endless border trim. . .

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