Thursday, 3 July 2014

Nearly there. . .

And the endless Rowan Mystery Afghan knit-a-long continues. . .

Square 7 was a nice sequence of cables and I was able to highlight the variegated yarn with a few of the squares.  I also reversed the direction of the cables in a couple of squares just to keep things interesting.

I really liked the last and final mystery square #8 - a very pretty mix of cables and lace.  While I'm not using the Rowan Pure Wool Worsted that this KAL was designed for, I do have some Rowan 4ply wool in my blanket and of all the yarns I'm using from my stash, the Rowan has the best stitch definition.

In the end I've decided to knit 80 squares in total so I've done a few extra of my favourite patterns and quickly whipped up a few different designs that I think will go well with the other squares.   Inspired by this blog post, I've thrown some easy striped squares into the mix.

And then found this lovely and easy slip-stitch ladder pattern from Barbara Walker's Stitch Dictionary.  One of the joys of doing this blanket has been to throw random colours at each other and then be pleasantly surprised by the combination.  I would never have previously paired this rich burgundy with my green/blue variegated yarn but this may now be my favourite square in the whole blanket!

I have three squares left to knit and then a LOT of sewing up and then a cabled trim to knit. Still trying to decide on contrast colours and whether to do a mattress stitch seam or to crochet with a visible ridge.  But I think I'm on track for a September 1st finish date, fingers and needles crossed.

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