Friday, 28 February 2014

A February FO. . .

It's been really quite mild and sunny here in Liverpool over the last week or so, and I've been itching to start knitting spring clothes.  The latest Rowan 55 magazine has some really beautiful patterns so when a KAL started up in Ravelry that was all I needed to get started.

I wanted something relatively simple and fast to knit so Sally, designed by Lisa Richardson, appealed right away, especially the interesting construction; it's knit in one piece side to side.  I want to knit only from my stash this year so digging around turned up several skeins of dark gray Rowan Creative Linen that was perfect for this project.   My first choice for contrast colour was this shockingly bright yellow - Premiere  by Classic Elite -  that I picked up in the sales back in December.  It was just calling to me though I had no idea what to use it for.  Alas, when I paired it with the gray, it made the gray look more like navy blue and I just didn't care for it. 

Fortunately, I had a skein of muted mustard left over from a baby blanket that I knit last year. It's Sirdar Baby Bamboo and it paired up perfectly. 

And here's the finished top.  It only took me about a week to knit and I really love it. I opted to change the striping pattern from barcode to more of a pinstripe look which is very easy to do as any combination equaling 96 rows will work (I just turned some foolscap on its side and plotted away).  I think it will be a nice transition piece between the seasons.

And that neon yellow?  Maybe it will work for another project that I've just cast on.  And just in time - I'm determined that March will be devoted to finishing up all the many WIPs in my basket.


Alli said...

Love your finish! What a great sweater and such a quick knit. Although I think I would have gone with the brighter yellow/green - I LOVE that colour! Like you, I never know what to do with it!

Blithe Spirit said...

I'm using that yellow right now on another project with a different colour gray and it's knitting up a charm, so I'm very pleased I waited. It certainly is bright!